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Good Reads
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Re: Good Reads

Originally Posted by Phil Dodson View Post
Am interested in the training.
Phil, I agree with what Khoi said. But I am curious, do you have any interest in PSA? It might offer you the type of situation you are looking for.
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Re: Good Reads

Not sure yet Nicole. You read my mind Bob. I am going to try and put a CGC on him prior to starting any training. As in PSD training, strict obedience is a must if I am going to travel down the P/P dog road.!
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Re: Good Reads

I was a CGC tester for a while.

It's a piece of cake but there are things the dog needs to be able to accept like a stranger handling their feet, brushing them, walking on lead in a crowd of dogs, etc.

You can find the ten exercises on the AKC site and judges vary on how correct they expect from damn near excellent manners to How the **** did that dog pass.

The ATTS TT title is more consistent and, in my opinion more about the dog's real personality because it's based on the dog breed.

If a Mal or GSD ignores the "threatening stranger" it may fail.

If a Beagle goes off on the "threatening stranger" it may fail.

Both are easily found on the web under the AKC site or the American Temperament Test Assoc.
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Re: Good Reads

i doubt you'll find any real books. internet "articles" at best. IMO, the lyda's have it right. pick a sport that interests you, title the dog (without caring too much about points) and also train realistic scenarios (no equipment). best of both worlds.

i also agree that CGC is a worthwhile en devour for any bite trained dog.
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