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Intrinsically rewarded behaviors
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Intrinsically rewarded behaviors

I was curious if anyone here has trained in a behavior and found that the behavior is intrinsically rewarding to the dog. I would hypothesize that certain behaviors such as the send away and jumps and bite work would be more fun for the dog than something like focused heeling, which is a completely unnatural behavior for a dog.
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Re: Intrinsically rewarded behaviors

Many dogs perform for the joy of it IF it's taught correctly and not forced into it.

Tracking is a perfect example of that.

A good natural tracker will do it simply because it wants to but reward for any behavior wanted can increase that joy.

The methods used can have something to do with it but a good trainer will bring out the best in the dog regardless of method.

I've used many methods over the past 60 yrs but markers will forever be my foundation after starting it 12-13 yrs ago.
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