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Zoso and His Orbee

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Here's Zoso playing a bit of tug with his Orbee in my VERY small living room. He's been rather string happy so I'm trying to only let him win when he actually tugs on the ball and not the string. I like the Orbee but the medium is a tiny bit too big for my uncoordinated self to drop in his mouth and the small seems a bit too small for really good tugging. Ah well...
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Nice! When I start out a pup in tug play, I like to give a little before the pup wins. I want the pup to think he's really winning a tug war, not just popping it out of my hand.
Some pups/dogs are naturals. Some need the extra effort to creat the win for them.
As far as being string happy, shorten up on you hold. Don't show him as much string.
The Flinks Drive Building tape explains this better.
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