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Would you all consider adding a flea market section>

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Not a big deal, I'm just wondering if you all would consider putting in a section where people could trade/sell/buy equipment. Even giving people a section to link to ebay etc. auctions they might be running. I don't have a lot to unload but would love the ability to get a cheap and gently used puppy sleeve from whatever random Collie owner might be lurking here. You could set some ground rules about just allowing someone to "advertise" and take any further discussion via PM or whatever to keep people from building 110-post topics about the slightly used kennel they have.

I know this kind of thing could get messy (but maybe not!), so I understand if you don't want any part of it, and throw out the "link to eBay" suggestion just as a way to mitigate some of that.
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Good idea, I'll give it some thought as to how I'd wanna do this. Thanks!
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