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Alicia Mertz said:

Noticed some squirmy white things in Dom's poop this morning. :? I would have taken a picture, but I remember how well that went over when Mike did it... :lol:

Is there a wormer that I can buy that I can be sure will kill them? Or do I need to know what kind they are before I can determine the best dewormer?

He had roundworms as a pup and the vet gave us two doses of Strongid. Is it possible that didn't kill them?


(I can take pictures if necessary! :lol: )
Hello Alicia,

My dogs have had roundworms & tapeworms, and from what I've learned
from that - yes, you do need to know exactly what type of worms.

Meds are different for round vs. tape worms. If you have an off-site photo
place you can post a picture on, maybe the consession for showing a pix
of poop is to only post the link to it, and leave it up to the discression of
the reader to click and view or now. I can put it up on my site, if you have
no other options. PM me if that's the case :wink:
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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