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Woot! I know almost everyone here....

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Hey everyone. I'm another transport from some of the other forums. I don't know much, but I want to learn a lot! :D

For those of you who don't know me, my partner and I have two GSDs.

Our 3 year old, Jaeger, is linebred on Held vom Ritterberg 4,5-5; Don vom Haus Himpel 6,6-7; and Iwo v.d. Buschecke 4,7. His lineage also includes Golf vom Ritterberg and Kass v Fuerstendamm.

Our 11 week old, Dominic, boasts a pretty nice pedigree, too, and has quite a bit in common (pedigree wise) with Jenni's dogs. He's a grandson of both Dargo von den Thüringer Kronjuwelen and Cak Písečná Bouře. His top line (aside from Cak) includes Titus z Pohranicni Straze, and his bottom line (aside from Dargo) includes Alf vom Koernersee, Don vom Rolandsteich, and Golf vom Ritterberg (5,6).

Unfortunately Jaeger's OFA report showed mild dysplasia, so he's been neutered and is just enjoying some personal protection and obedience work, but we have high hopes for the little guy.

We're just south of Raleigh, NC, where I work as a Financial Analyst during the week and teach dressage and eventing on the weekends. My partner is a Graphic Designer. We haven't decided what to do with the little guy yet. I'd like to learn more about PSA and Ring Sport, but the only club near us is a Schutzhund club about 15 minutes away. Not that I'm complaining... Everyone thus far has been very welcoming. :D

I look forward to some good discussions!!
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Welcome! I'm glad you decided to show up :lol: . Post Dominic's pics in the pic section when you get a chance. Not that I don't want to see Jaeger too, it's just that I want to compare Baby Dom w/ Baby Caleb. I like Cak, though some on \"other\" forums don't. In fact, saying that your dog has common lineage w/mine wouldn't be a good idea at ALL on some others :x :roll: .

How does he compare with what your intentions were when you bought him? Is he what you expected?
Welcome Alicia! :lol:

If you hang around with Jenni too long your reputation will be questionable :twisted:
Look who's talking <rolleyes>

Yeah, the last guy who did that got banned and blocked! :twisted:
Banned and blocked!? :eek: I don't want that! I take it back...I lied. I don't know Jenni. My dogs are, uh....nothing like hers. No. In fact, they're not even GSDs... Nuh uh.


I'll post some pictures of Dommie tomorrow. I have to get them in a Photobucket account and I'm already yawning tonight!
Oh, and Jenni - I didn't actually buy Dom. He was a replacement for Jaeger since Jaeger's hips are bad. I intended to sell him (I need another giant dog like I need another hole in my head) until I got him home and realized that he might actually turn out to be a pretty fantastic dog.

If you don't mind my asking, what were the negative comments about Cak on some of the other forums?
Not Cak so much in particular, just those dogs in general. Some boards are not too fond of DDR/Czech dogs at all. He's serious, so they say he has no prey drive, basically. I'm just sick of people wanting only one type of dog (the type I would strangle if they lived in my house) and not giving the less hyper, more serious dogs a fair shake.

You got a complete replacement for Jaeger's hips? Lucky-good breeder. Where did you get him?
Welcome to the forum.

So when you get a replacement dog, they don't make you give back the original dog? Or offer a \"discount\" on your 2nd dog? I'd always wondered about that.

Greg, knock that shit off, no personal attac... oh wait, it's just Jenni, have at it! :p :p :p
Jaeger is DDR/Czech as well (as you probably know), and he is the COMPLETE opposite of how you're describing Caleb (and hopefully Dom). He's ALL drive, ALL the time...nonstop. He is very focused and serious when it comes to protecting us or our things (cars, house, etc), but otherwise it's throw the the the I can't even take him to SchH without him wanting to go chase the ball that they throw to reward the dog on the field. He cries like a baby if he can't go get it.

And yes, I got a complete replacement as was stipulated in the original contract, but you're right Mike - it is usually the case, I think, that you either have to give the original dog back or you can keep the dog and get a discount on a new pup.

However, no, not a good breeder Jenni. The reason Jaeger has bad hips is because they were breeding dogs with decent pedigrees that they KNEW were bad producers in terms of hips - that just didn't come to the surface until after I already had Jaeger. They're terribly disreputable (very long story). Dom was less than 10lbs when I got him at 9 weeks of and bones, infested with roundworms, and he had some sort of strange virus that caused lesions on his lips. Very very bad breeder.
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