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Who wants to be a superhero - bitework on TV

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There's a TV show on the SciFi channel called "Who wants to be a super hero?" -- I'm not into reality TV at all, but a friend called me up n told me to put it on.

The challenge was that you had to wear a bitesuit (with a helmet and hand protection) and run thru a yard with 2 malinois n make it to the back door, very small yard, not much distance at all....

Everyone gave up except for one girl! The dogs knocked everyone to the ground n within seconds everyone gave up... the girl who made it took forever dragging herself accross the grass with 2 mali's attached to her.

Apparently they did something like this on an episode of Fear Factor a while ago.... it amuses me watching this stuff, you watch it thinking "if you caught the dog this way or that way then you coulda kept your balance n walked to the back door" :lol:
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Haha, I love when all these people act tough but they can't even catch a dog on a bite suit. Just shows how many people ARE afraid of dogs.
Yeah, I saw the FF one. There was a GSD, a Mal a Dobe and an Amstaff(?). Pretty silly, all in all.

oooooh boy, guess I knew there would be a petition in there somewhere.....
These people trip me out to watch! I've seen the fear factor one, there was this one girl in tears not wanting to do it. I don't know whats wrong with these people; its fun for me, its a rush! I'd like to go on one of these shows and do this; I'd act a little nervous just for show and not let anyone know that I'm an experienced decoy and show everyone up. It would be great to go first to make it look easy and then watch the others get trampled and freak out! :D
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