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Hey ALL!!!

I have been super busy hosting our 3rd annual SAR Dog seminar here.
We had four instructors, Jonni Joyce, Bart Wilson, Chris Weeks and Janet Wilts and roughly 32 K-9 teams.
I also hosted an American I-Dog competition (spoof on American Idol) in which 5 teams performed skits to music with their dogs and we also scripted commercials and demonstrations. Opening act was agility demos performed to "The Circle of Life" with a yellow lab pup being presented at the end (hopefully most of you know the movie Lion King).

Training went well and everyone had a great time with the instructors. Disciplines included Air Scent, Trailing and HRD/Cadaver training.

I am proud to say that my Mal and I passed our International Police Work Dog Association Basic Cadaver test and when Jonni Joyce gets back here in a week I will test Advanced cadaver.

I will figure out how to post videos and post a clip of the I-Dog competition. Of course, since I have hounds I performed to Blake Shelton's Ol' Red and did a demo with my mal for cadaver.

My grandson performed to "Proud to be an American Dog" with my Dutch Shepherd and showed ALL of us other handlers up with his fine skills at playing fetch. We sold tickets and the proceeds went to SDSARDA to purchase safety equipment for the dogs and handlers.

All in All it was a blast and the training was superior. People already gave deposits for next year so I will be planning for it over the next year.

Looking forward to diving in and reading some of the new posts on here.

Hope everyone is well.

( I crossposted this from Leerburg)
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