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This is what I got in my email today.

Are these people nuts??????

I wonder what breed is next??????


by Publisher on Wed 23 Aug 2006 09:55 AM EDT | Permanent Link | Cosmos

Toronto, August 23, 2006: The Attorney General for Ontario announced last night that in view of the success of the province's ban on pit bulls the government is turning its attention to another very popular breed of dog.

He made the following announcement at a press conference late yesterday: "These dogs are involved in more biting and mauling incidents than any other breed in Ontario. Every time I read a news report about a dangerous dog, it involves a Lab or a Lab cross. We had another incident today in Waterloo involving Labs attacking people on the street. Enough is enough. It's time to take a long, hard look at these dogs."

When questioned about the advisability of bringing the issue before the public in an election year, the Attorney General said: "The public wants to be protected from dangerous dogs. The public supported the pit bull ban because they knew it was time to get dangerous dogs off our streets and out of our parks and backyards. The precedent has been set, our ban is working and it's time to look at other types of dogs involved in large numbers of bites and attacks."

As to whether it would be put to a vote in the Legislature or if public hearings would be held as they were for the pit bull ban, the response was: "We went through a vote, we had public hearings and we remained convinced that banning pit bulls was the right thing to do. The law allows the government to add any breeds or mixed breeds to its list of prohibited dogs without consultation. Municipalities have that authority as well."

The Opposition Critic could not be reached for comment. The NDP Attorney General Critic had this to say:

"I don't know why anyone would be surprised by this announcement. The Attorney General has already proven he is capable of banning dogs because of their breed. Labs are one of the most popular dogs in the province, why wouldn't they be next? More dogs, more bites - it isn't rocket science".

Asked if he thought adding another breed to the ban would protect the public, he replied "I don't know about the public. I think this is more about protecting the Attorney General's seat."

To view dogs people think are 'lab mixes', click here.

Concerned? Write to your MPP

h/t CVTNews
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