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What Breed Is This

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Someone over on the Leerburg site is asking about a GSD with a docked tail. I have seen a few pictures from various countries (France & Great Britain come to mind) of what looks like a GSD but has no tail. In most of the pictures I have seen, the dogs seem to be working police dogs. Does anyone know what this breed is? If they are GSDs, does anyone know why the tails are docked?
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So its not dogs who have either injured their tail or chewed it off?

Grim has one that is missing the last, I guess. 3 inhces or so from an injury but I have seen others with just a tuft - once they hurt it they tend to bother it / not leave it alone.

I recall a Malinois at a nearby police department was self destructive-mainly when he was in the police car waiting for action.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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