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Since the time change, I've been able to start walking the trail around the lake in the evenings again. I started on Monday, and I've been taking Gypsy with her backpack (with only a couple of pounds in it for now) and Jessie, just for some exercise, and leash manners, etc. Well, turns out she has a little bit of dog aggression, so I'm going to have to start working with her on that, because on a walking trail that is only about 3-4 feet wide, and frequented by yuppie dog owners, :lol: that's not going to fly.

Sooo, we - Adam and I - were walking along and had passed several dogs already, with me only having to tell Jessie no and correct her once for growling as they approached. Then we came up on a lady whose dog was not leashed. She had a leash and stopped to put him on it when she saw us, so we stopped and waited for her to do so before continuing on. She asked Adam if her dog and Gypsy could sniff each other, and he told her no, she was working and not allowed to socialize while she was working, and kept on walking. I was walking probably 20-30 feet behind him at that point, and she asked me the same thing as she got closer to me. I said, "No, she's a little bit aggressive towards other dogs," or at least I started to say that, but only got to the word 'aggressive' before she growled and lunged. The lady and her dog were not that close, so even if Jessie had had the whole length of leash, she couldn't have done anything, but I keep her in heel position when we walk, so she only had 1-2 feet of leash before she self-corrected herself. I told her no right as she hit the end of the leash, and she yelped - probably because of all of her forward momentum and suddenly being stopped by the collar - and came back to my side, and I took probably one more step and stepped on her foot (don't ask me how she gets her feet underneath mine, but she does it quite frequently). The lady and her dog were behind us now. When I stepped on Jessie's foot, though, she hollered, "Aiyee! Aiyee! Aiyee! Aiyee! Aiyee!", and then started biting & shaking the leash, even though I was doing absolutely NOTHING to her!!

Adam had stopped to wait on me, and he said the lady was giving me the most godawful horrified look when Jessie started doing that, like I was the one making her act like that. She's just like her mother! :lol: The thing is, I'd stepped on her foot several times before, and I stepped on it several times afterwards, and she never made a sound ANY of those times, nor did she attack the leash! I think she only did it because she was ticked off that she'd not gotten away with acting up, been corrected, THEN had her foot stepped on, and she took out that frustration by hollering and biting the leash. She does NOT like to be corrected, for ANYTHING, and will protest by 'going after' the person who corrects her - not in a mean way, but in a 'little kid throwing a tantrum' way. I'm pretty sure that's what this little outburst was - a tantrum.

Nonetheless, she definitely succeeded in making me look like an arse! I'm surprised the lady didn't go tell someone I was abusing my dog, and have them make me leave!

I guess I'll have to do her like I had to do Gypsy - start taking her places where other dogs are, but that we can start off at a distance she is comfortable being at, and work our way closer as she becomes more comfortable with them being there.
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