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Washing Scent Tubes and segregation

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For the few ... do you segregate scent tubes used for target odors from those used for lack of a better word *proofing*?

Right now I wash mine in hot soapy water then let sit in 10% bleach for 10 minutes. (Well, the HRD is why the bleach) then rinse and air dry.

I am torn as to whether my blanks should be kept seperate or whether washing this way is adequate. Insights? It would be more of a hassle to segregate them and manage them separately.

BTW I found a good source for PVC Pipe Nipples to make my own - that way I only have to buy the caps at the hardware store and don't have to glue on connectors. They are grey schedule 80.
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at least for drugs....

it is important in the beginning when teaching the scents, but once the dog knows them, we don't make a big fuss about keeping them separate. with drugs, in the real world, usually where there's one, there's more...
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