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While in Charleston this past weekend, we stayed with one of Adam's Air Force buddies and his wife. They have a dog that is in desperate need of some training, but they are the type of people who "don't want to hurt him. We just want him to behave." They had a choke collar for him, but they've never actually corrected him with anything more than a stern voice and canned air. The dog is afraid of the noise the canned air makes and will listen if someone has it in their hand, but as soon as that person isn't looking, he takes off. I had taken my prong collar to show to them, and both of them immediately said, "That looks really painful" when I showed it to them, but once I had explained how it worked and actually put it on Adam's friend's leg and let him feel it as opposed to the choke chain, they changed their tune really quickly! Long story short, they bought a prong and intend to use it. They were basically just happy that the dog was no longer choking and gagging and pulling against it like he did with his flat collar and of course the choke chain. They are still new to the idea of actually using the leash and collar to give a correction if the dog doesn't listen, but once they're used to using the collar just to be able to take him on walks and out to the beach, it shouldn't be hard to show them how to use it for actual corrections without them thinking they're hurting him, too.

If it were me, I'd take my prong along and as soon as I got the new girl outside the building, I'd put it on her and toss the choke chain in the trash, so that they can see. :twisted:
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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