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The show people say that the camera needs to be down on the same level as, and in line with the shoulders of the dog, and the two front legs need to be in line with each other, so they look like one front leg. If the dog's front feet point outwards in either direction (standing east-west), you can lift the dog up underneath the chest between the front legs and when you set him back down, it's supposed to fix that problem. Or, you can just reach down and turn each foot so they point out in front instead of to either side. The hock on the rear leg that is extended backward (which should be on the camera-side of the dog) should be perpendicular to the ground (ie: straight up and down), and the toes of the outside rear leg should be in line with the 'knee.' They also say that a good camera trick is to sort of spread the back feet apart so the outside leg isn't directly underneath the dog. It supposedly helps with balance, and helps make the topline/croup look better or something. I don't know for sure exactly what the reason is for it.

All of this is what I've been told by show people. Don't hold me to any of it! :lol:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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