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Trying photo posting??

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Mr. B Playing/Trying to figure this photo thing out. Hope it works.
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Hey Jenni - good to talk to you again.

Sorry to read about your new dog...

Anyway, as for Jaeger's hips, I think they may be a contributing factor now moreso than they were when he was younger; but I don't think they are the only factor.

He's always jumped if I've asked him to, but he's never seemed fond of it, like Jerry said - he acts as though it's a lot of effort on his part. The only difference between now and when he was younger is that now I see some soreness after he's been extremely active that never used to be there.
Hi Alicia! Long time, no post :| . Glad to see you back. I'm ok w/not getting the new dog. It kept getting harder and harder to make that trip for various reasons, and it seemed like if it was THAT hard, maybe I shouldn't be doing it right now. Looking back now, I'm glad. I couldn't have imagined how busy I'd be this Spring, and Caleb out of the way and doing something constructive has been great, although I do miss him.
That could very well be the reason. I didn't know he had bad hips and I'm sorry.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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