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Trying photo posting??

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Mr. B Playing/Trying to figure this photo thing out. Hope it works.
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Wow Jerry, that is one beautiful dog. Looks like Annie's dad. Thanks for sharing.

Edited to much does the dog weigh?
He is one gorgeous animal, no doubt.

I have a question...why all the big GSDs? It seems like a lot of people here have GSDs that are upwards of 100 pounds...which always surprised me because I thought (maybe incorrectly?) that working GSDs would come in around 65-85 pounds (wide range here to include males and females). Are you all actively selecting/breeding for size? Just wondering, as I thought everything was so %@!? conformational about working GSD lines that a 100 lb. GSD would be an exception to the rule. Also thought some of the criticisms of the Shilohs and Kings were (among a lot of other things) that a GSD bone structure was never intended to take on those monster weights...which obviously are well beyond your great dog here, and the other big ones in this forum.

Hope none of this is taken as criticism, it's not intended to be, I certainly do love the looks of those big dogs. Just a question from somebody trying to learn about the breed in more detail.
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Like I was saying, it's not a criticism, just wondering about natural conformation as a result of the very selective breeding. I always thought working lines produced lots of predictability--temperament, size, whatever--and that the way the breeding was done tended to replicate that with a lot of certainty (that was why I wanted to get the dog I got, because I felt like I had a good bet on how big she would get, what she would look like, what she would act like, what her hips would be like, etc.) even though nothing is assured.

So again, just wondering about the number of big dogs--which I really like--on these working forums where my inexperienced understanding was that working lines tended to breed to a pretty tight spec, for whatever reasons.

Edited to say also...if you really want to know the addition to kind of lying to my wife about GSD shedding, I told her the dog would top out around 70lbs. :roll: She's 63 lbs or so at 9 months, I will get in trouble if she gets much more than 70-75!
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I'm gonna "move" it over to the Diet and Health thread, for what that is worth.
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