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Trying photo posting??

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Mr. B Playing/Trying to figure this photo thing out. Hope it works.
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My oldest boy looks very much like Bentley - in both color and conformation - and he's just about the same size, too. Just over height standard and about 95 lbs, give or take a few... We haven't weighed him in a while.

He surprises me with how agile he is for his size, although I must admit, he's not much of a jumper. I guess that's where his size comes into play??

Hey Jenni - good to talk to you again.

Sorry to read about your new dog...

Anyway, as for Jaeger's hips, I think they may be a contributing factor now moreso than they were when he was younger; but I don't think they are the only factor.

He's always jumped if I've asked him to, but he's never seemed fond of it, like Jerry said - he acts as though it's a lot of effort on his part. The only difference between now and when he was younger is that now I see some soreness after he's been extremely active that never used to be there.
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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