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This is not a method that I pre-thought, but came about it by accident and noticed the effect and then integrated it into the dogs I worked with.
With each dog, I would take them at a very young age to the wilderness/trails/woods where I was sure no other dogs or people would be walking. Because of the type of terrain (water falls, steep declines, etc) I would use my already trained command of wait and catch up with the puppy and take it by leash past any dangerous obstacles. Soon I realized that if I added the word CAREFUL to the word wait, the dog would respond in time to the word CAREFUL and would automatically slow down or stop and let me give the command to OK (continue) or to stop him/her all together and be leashed up. So now I had two separate commands. The WAIT command remained for asking the dog to do everyday behaviours like wait before jumping out of a vehicle, wait before being sent off to do scent work, etc. The CAREFUL command became appropriate for unseen or seen dangers that could HURT the dog and the dog would Yield cautiously and await the next command. I could tell the difference of each command by the dogs reaction to the command, in WAIT, the dog is motionless, in CAREFUL, the dog is moving slightly but looking about for the danger.
This may not be considered an important training tool, but for me and my dogs in the wilderness, trails, coming upon cyclists, or other loose dogs or people, I find the command can be life saving to the dog.
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