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Training Pics

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11-week-old Allie practicing "Watch Me"

Allie practicing leash manners

11-week-old Bonnie on her leash manners (Allie's sis)

Bonnie chasing a rag

June Buggy (Carbon's sister, 14wks)

June practicing a stack (sorta)

Bo practicing "Watch Me"

Bo in a stand doing "Watch that Guy!"

Gretchen playing tug

more tug...

Gretchen sitz (after being told to come, was stopped by handler to sit)

Gretchen on a walkaway stand (a little crooked, but she's getting there!)

Gretchen front

Gretchen, beginning to fuss

Gretchen, fuss complete

Gretchen, getting ready to climb ladder

Gretchen, on ladder

Gretchen, peeking under at me :roll:

Gretchen, coming down ladder

Gretchen, not really looking like a GSD in this one :?: :?

Gretchen, climbing wall (we made it higher for the first time)

and last...Gretchen in a stack
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I'm getting mixed-up w/everyone's dogs: who do you own?
I co-own Bo, used to co-own Gretchen, and the pups are just under my training. I am very good friends with the breeder, hence why I am their official trainer. :D
Gretchen is going to start training ASAP for ASR. Bo was being trained for Schutzhund, however an injury as a result of a car crash we got into on the way for him to get his Schutzhund 1 title caused him to have to retire early from bitework. He still does a little every now and then, but won't get a title because he tires easily because he isn't 100% what he used to be. :(
That's right! Now I remember #-o . Bo's color is beautiful! Good luck with those pups.
Thanks! The two younger pups have a great pedigree, their grandfather was a 3 time world grand seiger. Plus, of course, Schutzhund 3, IPO3, etc.
You use choke chains on 11 week old puppies?
they're the martingale-style collars. I made them myself to be extra-soft on pups. Just makes sure they don't start pulling early. They're made of one very thin piece of extra-soft leather with two rings on the end, then I threaded a choke chain through them to give some extra slack. It does look like a choker, but it isn't. I assure you!
Gotcha! I've seen the martingale collars with the chain at the store, so I know exactly what you're talking about! :wink: I just wondered because in the pictures, it DOES look like a choke chain and I thought that was awfully young!
These pups aren't working quality. I can tell already. They'll be pets or obedience dogs.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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