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Training goals for a 9 Month Female GSD

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Training goals for a 9 Month Female GSD

Hello All,

Just a quick History: I have a 9 month old female GSD, which I've had
since she was 9 weeks old. When Sable was 5 months, I took her to get
evaluated at a SchH club by Gregg Tawney.

She was concidered "ok" by him, not going to win any big SchH
competitions, but just had "ok" prey drive. Again, she was just 5 months at
the time, and Gregg told me to really work w/her on building drive (and focus).

Her temperment is fine. She's beginning to bark at noises outside at night.
I like this, as I would really like her as more of a deterent than PPD. I just
don't think she has the genes. But as a sports dog, I want to do SchH with

She's a "soft" dog, althought I don't correct her much, just only for bad manners.

She recently has begun to pee when I walk up to her, after a bit of time
away from her. I think my sons may have been picking on her. I've never
caught them, but have a feeling. That has stopped (as far as I can tell,
after telling them, "LEAVE MY DOG ALONE!!!"), but now she kind of cowers
- just sometimes, not all the time - when I aproach her.

So, now that I've bored you all w/her history :eek: I'm trying to build up her
confidence (again :mad: ) and her OB.

What should I be concentrating on right now? Her sitz/platz
are great, but her heir has diminished, I feel, due to the issue
above (acting scared). She's 100% with her heir when I'm all alone
w/her, and 75% w/distractions. Sometimes, she'll cower and go the other
way :cry:

I play tug w/her every day, and (get this...) have made a bite sleeve from
my wife's old jean overalls. I've wrapped it on my arm, and let her tug at
it like the tug she has.

So, what else should I do? and should I continue the jean-tug? I have no
extra $$$ for club membership anywhere (couldn't you tell by my
jean-tug?) and don't know anyone "close" to me who I can train with.

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Martin Espericueta said:
..........(have you been reading the thread, GSD VS DOBE other
there?) - very well behaved and socialized.
Oh, yeah .... my very favorite response was from Al Curbow. He laughed. :lol:
Jeff Oehlsen said:
........I would say use her to practice your handling and training skills while looking for a new dog to use for Sch. Doesn't take much, as we all know how weak this sport is. :lol: Once you have trained a skill with a dog, it isn't nearly as weird the next time you train it. ..... I would start tracking and send aways and all the stuff that is interesting somewhat, as the basic OB isn't killer brain surgeon material.......
LOL! This is exactly -- precisely -- what I am doing. Several club members, in fact. We're learning to train all the SchH work we can with no decoy. We're all long-time owners and trainers, but not in SchH.

It took us a long time to figure out that this would be a good way to go. I wish I had read a post like this a year ago. :lol:
I am sure I wrote that a year ago. I have been saying it for years.

Quote: (not my wife's jeans rolled up on my arm )

Oh please God, stop this nonsense. All newbies please take note. THIS IS STUPID. You are not qualified, so just stop. Besides it screws up your dog.

41 - 44 of 44 Posts
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