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Training goals for a 9 Month Female GSD

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Training goals for a 9 Month Female GSD

Hello All,

Just a quick History: I have a 9 month old female GSD, which I've had
since she was 9 weeks old. When Sable was 5 months, I took her to get
evaluated at a SchH club by Gregg Tawney.

She was concidered "ok" by him, not going to win any big SchH
competitions, but just had "ok" prey drive. Again, she was just 5 months at
the time, and Gregg told me to really work w/her on building drive (and focus).

Her temperment is fine. She's beginning to bark at noises outside at night.
I like this, as I would really like her as more of a deterent than PPD. I just
don't think she has the genes. But as a sports dog, I want to do SchH with

She's a "soft" dog, althought I don't correct her much, just only for bad manners.

She recently has begun to pee when I walk up to her, after a bit of time
away from her. I think my sons may have been picking on her. I've never
caught them, but have a feeling. That has stopped (as far as I can tell,
after telling them, "LEAVE MY DOG ALONE!!!"), but now she kind of cowers
- just sometimes, not all the time - when I aproach her.

So, now that I've bored you all w/her history :eek: I'm trying to build up her
confidence (again :mad: ) and her OB.

What should I be concentrating on right now? Her sitz/platz
are great, but her heir has diminished, I feel, due to the issue
above (acting scared). She's 100% with her heir when I'm all alone
w/her, and 75% w/distractions. Sometimes, she'll cower and go the other
way :cry:

I play tug w/her every day, and (get this...) have made a bite sleeve from
my wife's old jean overalls. I've wrapped it on my arm, and let her tug at
it like the tug she has.

So, what else should I do? and should I continue the jean-tug? I have no
extra $$$ for club membership anywhere (couldn't you tell by my
jean-tug?) and don't know anyone "close" to me who I can train with.

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Jerry Lyda said:
I too agree with Susan and Debbie. (Reward / ignore) Stop the corrections.
I vote exactly the same.
Martin Espericueta said:
........The one thing she does (and of course it's MY fault :oops: :cry: ) is that
she tries to enter/exit through doors before me. She did, at one time, sitz
before going through ANY doors, but since I've been working CRAZY hours,
I haven't re-inforced that. So now she does this (again). Should I correct her?.....
Just walk ahead of her. Get your knee in front of her and squeeze ahead the first time or two, or hold her back with the lead and you go first.

I mean, just do it, as opposed to expecting her to organize the order. :D
Greg Long said:
Ok,Ill be the devil's advocate for you Sch folks.

I correct all my dogs no matter if they are 6 weeks or 6 years.I dont see any ill effects on working ability or the will to work.Of course I dont build prey drive(although I used to) and I dont train for sport so I have different goals and needs.

Just had to aggravate you guys some more.. :twisted:
These answers are coming out of the situation of the dog cowering and submissive peeing after being teased or something when the owner was away. (It was kind of a multi-part thread.)
susan tuck said:
HAHAHA Greg, you sound like Jeff......
If he reads that he might be back in a FLASH! :lol:
susan tuck said:
I hope so, I like the guy & miss his style. Also, it's fun to read his posts!
Greg: That's great advise, especially the part about not letting others correct or command the dog. I feel very strongly about that.
I also feel strongly about no one else correcting or commanding my dogs.
From the vantage of someone who's working with another person's borderline-phobic dog, I have to say that these last two posts, especially, are great.
BTW, Martin, I'm not sure this was answered...

QUOTE: Once the bond between Sable and I is back where is should be (why would she be fearful w/me anyway?) END

Some dogs who were abused by men or big boys might then be fearful around all men and big boys.

Sounds like you've made a good start with restoring her confidence.
Martin Espericueta said:
..........(have you been reading the thread, GSD VS DOBE other
there?) - very well behaved and socialized.
Oh, yeah .... my very favorite response was from Al Curbow. He laughed. :lol:
Jeff Oehlsen said:
........I would say use her to practice your handling and training skills while looking for a new dog to use for Sch. Doesn't take much, as we all know how weak this sport is. :lol: Once you have trained a skill with a dog, it isn't nearly as weird the next time you train it. ..... I would start tracking and send aways and all the stuff that is interesting somewhat, as the basic OB isn't killer brain surgeon material.......
LOL! This is exactly -- precisely -- what I am doing. Several club members, in fact. We're learning to train all the SchH work we can with no decoy. We're all long-time owners and trainers, but not in SchH.

It took us a long time to figure out that this would be a good way to go. I wish I had read a post like this a year ago. :lol:
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