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Tell him to get out of dogs????

I have seen this before, and the video thing will at least show him what an idiot he is, but isn't gonna help with the training.

After the video, show the guy how to shape a behavior with a clicker. Give the dog some time off from formal training, just drive building exersizes. Get him to teach the dog a couple tricks, with the stipulation that he can NOT touch the dog.

I think the next step, is he needs to learn to train without a leash. This is SOOOOO hard for some people, if the leash is out of their hands you can see the anxiety start to build.

I don't know how old this dog is, but if it has been worked this way long enough, he is fighting conditioning. He will have to take and find a way to do exersizes out of the normal context, even going so far as to change the name of the commands.

The other thing, is nothing can stay at a high level of control for long periods without burnout. I played soccer at high levels when I was younger, and no coach just stays on you all the time. I always felt like an experiment, as just when they have about ruined the game for me, making it a job, they would let up.

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