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I've got some ideas, but would appreciate some input on this.
Most of the time, issues with handlers arise from lack of consistent control and the dog's become TOO much of the handler's "buddy". I am working with someone with the total opposite issue.
Basically, the dog here has gotten to the point that he can't relax around his handler. He's always tense that he's doing something without his approval and is going to recieve a correction. Quite literally, around his handler is NOT a happy place for this dog. Obviously, the handler is numero uno at fault and corrects harshly for any tiny infraction and the dog has simply "shut down".
The dog is so used to total control, that as soon as he is given the slightest inch of freedom, the handler has to SCREAM at the dog to re-gain formal control. The dog won't bolt or do anything totally wacko, just takes full advantage of his free time to frolick, sniff and so on before finally nervous enough to slurk cautiously back to screaming handler.
So- telling him to ease up just a bit at a time is'nt working. The dog as he sees it is responding to all or nothing. Bad part is, the dog is'nt hard or high-drive enough to retain drive despite harsh handler and has issues committing to the bite because he's so aware of what his handler is doing and whether he approves.
They do spend time just chilling together, but "quality time" turns into corrections every time supposedely as handler feels like he should down dog when he gets too wound up (apartment-type situation and neighbors complain) and as soon as the dog hears a command it's instantly this broken spirited response. Of course, dog moves an inch and he corrects for poor down/stay......
Any advice? Not necessarily formal training stuff- just how to get the dog and handler chilled out a bit? Everything else will improve when I can break to this guy how to let his dog like him. For the record- he hates that the dog can't relax and isn't happy around him. Wants things to improve but does'nt know how without "loosing control".
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