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Today my youngest daughter did the examination for BH and she earned it with 57 points, like I promissed Mike to put pictures on the site from everyone who enjoyed today. There were 2 dogs for BH 1 GSD and 1 mal Ilona's Xabby! :lol:

There was also 2 dogs who gets IPO1 and 1 dog IPO 2, 1 mal and 2 GSD

I put the pictures with the name of the dog and the handler!

First off all ofcourse my daughter with her mal Xabby

The beginning, it was a really nice day with lots of sun, it was held in Rijswijk, and the club is called DTV rijswijk, most GSD are in training there

The second one is Luke van de Rietnisse a GSD and the handler is Hans Tuit, this man is very experienced in the IPO sport ecspecially with GSD,
after retirering his other dog, he wants to come back with this one

And now the results Hans has 58 points and Ilona 57

after this part, you got the practical part, we went outside the field, and ride with a bike, walk thru a lot of people, they looked how the dog behave himself with other dogs etc.

Here IPO 1 the first one is Dillen Taylo Regulus a Mal, the handler is Ella Hansum

this one is Duc van de Biezenhoeve and the handler is Paul Tuit a brother from the men who I mentioned above, also very good in IPO did a lot of competition with his other dog and wk, also a GSD

And the last one of today is Junky van het Zuidpark and the handler is Jan

And here are the results from everyone today

Hope Mike I put enough pictures in it, we saw good dogs and good handlers, its nice to see good working dogs, we really enjoyed our day, and ofcourse Ilona is very happy, we will see if she can do her IPO 1 one of these days, she must do a lot of tracking before, but thats not her favorite part of the sport :roll:
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