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Third leg

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I got Thunder's third leg for his CD today. Tough crowd. Our 196 1/2 didn't even get in the placements. Novice B is often where the HIT comes from. It' has the easies exercises, with expierienced handlers.
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Good job Bob. 196 1/2 is very good. Congrats
Jerry Lyda said:
Good job Bob. 196 1/2 is very good. Congrats
Yes, CONGRATULATIONS. You did what you predicted (turned into a title ho'). :lol: :lol:

Seriously, nice job!!!
COngrats, Bob, well done.
I quess when we got Bentley's the competion wasn't as great. He got first place each of the three legs. 1st-190 1/2, 2nd- 190 1/2, and 3rd- 193 1/2
You got to love it.
When I started in AKC competition back in the early 80s, low 90s could easily win Novice A competitions. Once you recieved your CD, you then couldn't show in Novice A anymore.Still the same for Novice A but nowdays, unless you have recieved a HIT (High in Trial) or a CDX title, you can continue to show in Novice B. That means lots of top competition trainers in Novice B.
I just receintly got back into it after not having been in a AKC obedience ring since 87-88. One of the biggesat things I've noticed is how big agility has gotten. That's all motivational training, yet, the obedienc ring is still so much yank and crank for the most part. They just don't seem to get the idea that a dog can learn anything you want it to for a reward instead of avoidance. Form my SAR training, obedience training, to Schutzhund training, it's been entirely motivational. At two yrs +, my GSD has had NO physical corrections for anything but bad manners. Never on the training field.
Congratulations on a great score and the new title! I think it depends on the part of the country that you are in for HIT. Most of the time HIT comes out of open or utility in my area. Mainly because we don't have a lot of people who have dogs spread out in all the classes. At my Nationals, HIT usually comes out of Novice though.
Yep! Utility B and Open B are the classes for the High Combined title.
My brother was HIT the very first time he ever went in the obedience ring. His KBT was undefeated in the obedience ring thru his CDX, also the breed ring to his CH except for going reserve at the National Specialty. Then he died of peritonitis (sp) from a ruptured bladder at 3yrs old. Bummer!
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