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diet - grains/carbs/etc.

Anne Jones said:
..... I also think that feeding Honest Kitchen with grains...kinda defeats the purpose of feeding grain !!!! I guess if I wanted to feed grains, I'd just feed kibble & save myself a whole lot of trouble & $$$$. Dogs don't need carbs. I don't know why people insist on feeding them to their dogs. The only grain a canovour gets in the wild is as you stated, a predigested form that is in the stomach of their kill. That is why dogs do not have the ability to break down the cellular wall on veggies etc...they are not made to digest them first hand only 2nd hand already predigested by their kill.
Yes, this is the basis of the disagreement between b.a.r.f. and prey-model folks.

We have to remember that carbs are not just cereal/grain carbs. Carbs are also in green vegetables, berries, all produce, in fact, yogurt (and all dairy), and so on. For me, I always like to be clear and say grains when I mean the grain carbs, because I actually do feed the type of produce that dogs may have eaten in the wild (and wolves still do, I believe) when the prey situation was/is not perfect.......and I think it rarely was/is perfect.

So I feed greens and a little ripe fruit, both of which I believe replicate closely what the prey's intestinal contents plus the fallen produce an opportunistic scavenger would eat.

After reading convincing arguments on both sides of prey-model v. b.a.r.f., I decided I'd rather err on the side of abundance and not take from the diet (since I have control and the dog can't correct any errors I make) any macronutrients that the dog ever would eat in the wild and that would be part of the dog's evolution (IMO).

In order to break down the tougher outside cell walls of greens, as opposed to fallen produce, such as fruits and berries, and to approximate the partly-digested state of prey contents, I do cook and/or process the vegetables.

And about adding salmon oil and Vitamin E.........we've gone into that here. :lol:

Good post, Anne....thank you!
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