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I wanted to post some pictures my wife took during our camping trip at Cave Run Lake in Kentucky. These are pictures of my boy Simba and my wife's yorkie Josie swimming in the lake. This is the first yorkie I have every seen swim. She would not go far but I did a little drive building and she did not mind it. I put very little pressure on her and got here to swim several times and she never knew it because she was so far into prey. Simba is almost 15 months and the Yorkie is 4 years in these pictures.

Here are some more pictures during some training at our Schutzhund Club. The sable is Ryan's boy Lego. There are some more pictures of his other dog who is a young working female. You will see my boy Simba doing obedience, recall, and tracking. The black female is Mariska.

All these pictures were taken with a Nikon D50 and most were with a 300mm zoom lense.
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