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It is evident that often times when trainers and handlers discuss training, terminology is the stumbling block. It's the reason the Scientific Work Dog Group, funded by a host of federal agencies and being conducted by Florida International University is working on standardizing terminology for working dogs. I believe their interests are more focused on working dogs ie, police, SAR etc. Their definitions will be based on science and "industry standard" for those areas science applicable. Personally, I see differences in terminology and how it's used between sport and, for example, law enforcement canine.

This statement piqued my intrest, so I researched it a bit to see what developments have been made.

Scientific Working Group on Dog and Orthogonal detector Guidelines (SWGDOG)

"Subcommittee 1" is responsible for Unification of terminology
some term descriptions can be found at the following links... approved 4-2-06 for site.pdf terms approved 10-2-06 for site.pdf
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