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I would like to thank everyone who signed up and has participated on this forum, it's taken off better than I could have imagined and I hope that we can keep this level of participation and rate of expansion going!

I've done my best to try and tailor this forums features to fill in where other forums are lacking, increased PM storage, a social forum, photo gallery, as well as training specific forums. This forum also allows \"Polls\", all users are more than welcome to set up voting, but please use the polls for something useful, not just because they are there! :lol: I'll try to think up a really good question every week and hold a vote for it. If anyone has any suggestions for the \"Question of the week\" then send a PM to \"admin\" with your suggestion.

As the forum grows I'm sure there will become a need to moderate the discussions, there's some pretty moronic people out there :lol: so I hope that I, and any future appointed moderators, will be considered fair in our judgements, and any actions taken by either myself or any moderators will not be taken personally. Internet forums tend to be synonymous with \"arguments\", I think the key to making this forum a success without driving away its users is to find the balance between argument and debate, and stepping in when it becomes clear that there will be no mutual outcome -- it is pointless to argue when nobody is going to change their mind! :lol:

With that said, everyone keep up the posting and promotion! :D
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200 Posts in 24 Hours!

We did it!! We reached 200 posts in a 24 hour period! Lets see if we can keep that up consistently :)

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How ya gonna shut me up! :lol: :lol: :wink:
Re: 200 Posts in 24 Hours!

admin said:
We did it!! We reached 200 posts in a 24 hour period! Lets see if we can keep that up consistently :)

200 posts in 24 hours??!! That's like big established forums!!!!!!!!! Mike, ya done good!
300 Posts in 24 Hour Period

OK Ladies and Gentlemen, we've done it. We hit 300 posts in a 24 hour period, and Post #300 was.... can anyone guess? That's right... Jenni Williams! Who also incidently happens to have the most posts to her name on this forum :p 96 last time I looked, no doubt the first person to reach 100 posts on this forum before too long too :lol:

Thankyou to all that made this possible, at last count this forum has had 642 posts, the most posts on a new forum that I've ever seen.
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