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Stress in obedience.

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My view is that if you can get a puppy to obey while it is under stress (measured according to the pups ability, not age, and progressing accordingly), you will end up with a stable and very obedient dog.

An excellent example is what you can see in Al Reanto's dogs.

As very significant by products, dogs trained in this fashion are also VERY self-confident, very focused and VERY agile and surefooted.

This "way" is directly opposed to the treats and rewards "way", because in the latter the dog works FOR HIMSELF, and in the former the dog works because of the bond between himself and the handler, and thus FOR THE HANDLER.

This "way" is not for sport dogs; at least not for sport programmes as they are currently configured, as you will not see the artificial "animation" that is so well liked in competition.

What you do see though, is a strong work ethic.
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Stress is one the most important training aids for me.The pup or dog is never put under more stress than it can handle.The stress that is applied is removed by the handler communicating to the dog and therefore the dog takes comfort in the work knowing that obeying the handler will result in removal of the stress.This is started at a very young age for the maximum benefit.
In this form of work with the dog,food or toy rewards only interfere with the communication that must occur for the excercise to be successful.It is much more than just distraction training.Also in this type of work,repetition should be avoided.Again this applied stress and obed is best started around 6 weeks.To not train a pup when he is at the age when he is learning the easiest and fastest is counterproductive as is avoiding stressing the pup,just dont over do it.

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I agree with Al.The more time you spend handling your dog the better.Building a strong communicational bond and avoid repetitive excercises is far better for me than using treats.To peak the dogs interest in the work is the key.

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