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Stress in obedience.

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My view is that if you can get a puppy to obey while it is under stress (measured according to the pups ability, not age, and progressing accordingly), you will end up with a stable and very obedient dog.

An excellent example is what you can see in Al Reanto's dogs.

As very significant by products, dogs trained in this fashion are also VERY self-confident, very focused and VERY agile and surefooted.

This "way" is directly opposed to the treats and rewards "way", because in the latter the dog works FOR HIMSELF, and in the former the dog works because of the bond between himself and the handler, and thus FOR THE HANDLER.

This "way" is not for sport dogs; at least not for sport programmes as they are currently configured, as you will not see the artificial "animation" that is so well liked in competition.

What you do see though, is a strong work ethic.
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Lyn Chen said:
...would you guys consider it 'stress' if you start throwing food around and the puppy absolutely has to sit still until you tell him to?
Do you consider stress and frustration to be the same thing? I suppose it's a different kind of stress. When I think of stress I think of putting a dog in an unsettling situation, being off the ground is a "uh oh I hope I don't fall" type of stress, not being allowed to get the food is a "I really want that food but I'm not allowed" type stress. If that's stress at all.
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