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Steve Irwin has died

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You guys, unfortunately I do not know how to "pull" stories over, but if you google his name you will get the info. Apparently he was killed in a freak accident with a stingray. I am really going to miss this guy. He definetly is one who contributed to make this world a better place than how he found it.
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This is an awful thing to say, but just when he got popular...around 1998...he was in my dead pool with some guys at work. :twisted: He was worth some serious points. The guy that won that year had Tom Laundry and Charles Schultz in his pool...he like won the whole thing in March alone or something.

However, I really enjoyed some of Steve Irwin's stuff, loved his little dog...which I think was an AmStaff? I always like most all of the animal shows...Jeff Corwin, Marlin Perkins, etc. Those guys make different animals a lot of fun.

I was initially irritated this morning because the Today Show was fixated on that incident where he dangled his baby in front of the croc (which was a stupid thing to do, IMO). But then they showed the interview they did of him afterwards...he went after Matt Lauer hard, you could tell he was enraged at any thought that he'd jeopardize his kids for entertainment.

He definitely seemed to speak from the heart, with enthusiasm and kindness. It's too bad.
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