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Special Thanks to Mike Schoonbrood

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I am pleased to say that my dog, Jake, received his entry level certification at the American Street Ring trial in Tallahassee, Florida over the weekend.

A great deal of credit goes to Mike. He has taken countless bites from my dog and has given good insights and ideas on working my dog. When he and I first began training together last fall his dog was not yet biting, yet Mike came out with me many times to take bites from my dog. In my experience, not a lot of guys would have done that.

Thanks Mike!
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Congratulations Patrick, it's been alotta fun working with Jake and watching him improve! Lets see if we can't get him onto ASR1!
Patrick, that's awesome, congratulations.
Congrats Patrick and Jake! I knew he would make it!!! :D
Thanks all for the congrats! 8)
It is nice when it is all over, AND it worked out. Good stuff. Buko and I are going to be trying for MR1 here pretty soon

Patrick Murray said:
Thanks all for the congrats! 8)
And more from here.....great job!
Congrats, Patrick. Nice job.

i really wish ASR would make it out to the west coast. i would love to goto a trial.
=D> Very nice!
Good job. I happy for you. I wasn't there but I heard it was TUFF.
It's comong to the West Coast. Matt Hammond will be moving out there the first of July. Get in touch with him to get all the particulars.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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