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Sorry about the down-time guys

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OK so as some (most?) of you know there were "SQL errors" coming up when trying to post or access the forum.

The database type (MS Access ODBC) that I was using wasn't intended for the busyness that we have achieved with this forum, so when it overloaded with too many users doing something at the same time, then it'd throw errors.

I upgraded the database to "mySQL" which is alot more robust, faster, reliable and hopefully won't cause the SQL errors to show up anymore. Unfortunately the migration of the database records took a long time to do, so I fell asleep and let it run overnight.

The reason I couldn't leave the forum open while doing the migration is because anything posted while doing that will be lost, so the only way was to disable the forum till the database upgrade was completed.

You should notice that the forum is alot faster now too!

Again sorry for the down-time, but hopefully this will have fixed all the problems with the forum!
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Normal growing pains. :wink:
Hey Mike,

I took a screenshot of the "Puppy Pricing" topic. The first page is fine, but
page two looks broken. I know you're working on this, I just thought a screenshot
would be of some help =D> !

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