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Tim Martens said:

is it september yet?
another 6.5 mo Tim...almost :wink:

Maren Bell Jones said:
You guys need all white bite suits. Your dogs blend in too well! :wink:
And I already lightened up some pics (to high sluttertime, so pics get to dark if you zoom heavily).

Kristen Cabe said:
MAN, what a scary face on the decoy!
He is going to do his region decoy exam and wanted to learn to hit the stick. His running and threats are very good, his hitting still a little late. So he did the stick attack 6 times in a row (3 times Robbie, 3 times Spike) a throw attack and a bicycle attack.

The impact of a full speed, 40/45 kg dog, right in your chest while you running forwards and yelling gives nice faces on the impact :wink: :wink:

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Nice pictures Selena - you could always dye the dogs (fluo yellow?) to show up better... :D

No shortage or large man-mountains to decoy over in Holland! I used to tour Holland playing hockey every year and the size of people over there is ridiculous!!
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