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My puppy sneezes alot... I think it may be related to light sensitivity, I personally sneeze when I go out into the sun too... but sometimes it's got nothing to do with going outside... perhaps going from a dark crate into a light room? Or is there something that can cause a pup to sneeze that I should be concerned about?

I just figured it was because she's dutch n they don't have sun there this time of year :p :lol: :lol:
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In older dogs sneezing can often be a sign of bad teeth. I doubt that would be the case with a new pup.
The upper canines go into the sinus area of the dog just as they do in humans. An inflamation in those teeth can create sinus infections. Ever heard the expression that my head hurts so bad that my teeth hurt? Same thing. One of my working terriers broke off one of his upper canines at the gum line. Luckily, one of my hunting partners was a veterinarian. She was the one who advised me to have the tooth taken out before it resulted in a nasty sinus infection. Even before that episode, I had an old Norwich Terrier that had sneezing fits. Old decayed teeth were the cause.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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