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My significant other is a novice dog trainer who was recently looking for a puppy to train up for his mobility. He found a local breeder and bought a Beauceron puppy. The parents on paper looked great. The breeder seemed great, and the breed in general sounded perfect for the role it was set to fulfill and our lifestyle it would have to work in. The puppy is only 8 weeks and came home to us Friday (4-29-22). By Saturday he noticed the dog was walking sideways and almost as if on his toes, especially in the rear. He took a video and sent it to the breeder who replied that it didn't seem to be too concerning but she wanted to see it in person next weekend (5-8-22). In the meantime my significant other Posted the video in a group of Beauceron owners who immediately said the walking pattern was not normal for the breed. Now I'm not one to believe much hearsay and I don't want to start anything nasty with the breeder. However I am concerned. There was a contract drawn up and everything for this dog. It was known before selecting which puppy to get that it would eventually be for mobility service work. I want to know if there are options for him as a purchaser who bought the dog under contact and noticed problems within 48 hours, to get out of this contract and get the significant money back. Obviously if it is puppy growing pains that can be fixed we will, and if the breeder lets him out of the contract then it won't be a problem. But worst case scenario, does he have legal options or other options concerning this puppy?
Thanks for the responses.
No I do not intend to share the video until the breeder has had her say in the matter.
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