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SchH Training July 15 2006

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Wayne has started training back up since his accident, and I thought I'd share some pics. There are a few good ones!! Click to view full size photos.

This is Casey Crawford's dog, Ollie. I'd send them to him, but I don't have his e-mail address and I'm not a member on Leerburg anymore. :oops: I THINK the long bite ones are Ollie, too, but I don't remember.



Tripping me with the sleeve as he tries to thrash it around instead of running with it:

A showline dog, whose name I don't remember:

Another, supposedly top winning showdog, whose name I never got:

Apparently he's never been taught the bark and hold: :oops:
Click here to watch July1506-007

And a showdog that didn't do so hot - he isn't very into the work at all:

And who doesn't love puppies?! They're 5 weeks old, and you can clearly see that my cousin has one picked out! (yeah, right):

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