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Yeah, that little brindle may be a keeper. They're only a little over two weeks so we're just now starting to see their personalities. We'll see how her drive looks in another few weeks.

Amber Scott said:
P.S. - who're the parents?
Weeelllll....they are stolen.
We bred a female and long story short, she only had one pup when we x-rayed her and it was stillborn. When I brought her home from the vet (she was under when we removed the dead pup), she began searching frantically for her pup(s). I called a friend who I had spoken to just a few days before about a litter that one of his females had just delivered. I took the six hour trip the next day to nab two pups off of that female to calm our girl down and help drain some of the milk off of her. Longer story short....she was THRILLED when she "found" her two, uhh,....."procured" puppies.
Ironically, they are actually her grand-puppies and their lines go back to Arras, Rudy and Bono Pegge as well as Swatch Deux Pottois and Lestat.
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