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Puppy Screaming At Night

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Hey everyone. So I picked my my now 9 week old Dutch Shepherd this Saturday. He’s been in his new home for only 1 night and a day and a half. So far he is doing great. He is socializing with everyone and the other dogs like a champ. And he is even following treats into positions…amazing. But there is one big problem. He freaks out in the crate. He screams! Not whimpering and wining, screams and try’s to claw out. My past puppy’s whimpered and wined a few nights and then they moved on. Now granted this is his second night. I’ve tried the crate by bed ect ect. No go. In fact if I leave the room for a bit and he doesn’t know where I am he starts wining. It’s bad enough that I’m having to put him in the outside kennel at night where he screamed and howled all night. Yes this is only his second night away from his litter and he is a 9 week old pup. Im trying do everything right and set this this pup up to be as successful as possible. My biggest concern here is that I’m making a mistake and setting him up for some issues by having him by side all day and then sticking him in the kennel at night. Today I did do several short sessions in the outside kennel with me in site and he did ok. Am I on the wrong track here? I would really appreciate any advice you guys have. Thank you!
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Feed his meals in the crate with the door open.
. My GSD K 9 loved out side often yipping at the door at night to go out to his kennel I built dog houses for him out of particle board they had angled roof that he liked to lay on. I put about 4-6” of wood chips inside . He would scratch these into a pile to curl up on . Eventually he would chew about a twice size door opening indicating he wanted a new dog house. I had it dow to about an hour work He would stand watching my every move as I built it once the roof went on he either went in it o jumped up on the top . In the south there are all kinds of bugs and slithery things our house had a drain under it so it stayed dry this dumb drain ran right to the sewer so seeer rats and other things came into the yard I often found dead bodies in the yard the dogs did not eat them but sure kept the population down to zero considering all the insects the dogs did not get fleas or ticks . One of my dog friends said that my wood floor and dog house kept these away my family got pretty good at picking ticks off I hate ticks there are 4 common types and all of they were in the south
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