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Puppy Pics: Allie, Bonnie, and June

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Allie, now 15 1/2 wks

Bonnie (Allie's sister)

June (Carbon's sister) 19wks

June playing "Handler Lost!"
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Very nice. What's in the pedigree?
Shelby v. Hill is the top 2 pup's mom, only Allie is available at 6months of age. Shelby is out of mainly German Showlines, and the pedigree includes many world siegers, czech siegers, holland siegers, and most of them are at least SchH2. There are also a lot of blacks and very melanistic dogs. You can see Shelby's pedigree on Pedigree Database.
June's pedigree is the same as Carbon's, and his can be found on pedigree database as well under the reg. name Carbon Copy v Borus.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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