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the SAR shepherd vid above made me think. What does everyone do with their puppies as far as exposing them to different surfaces, environmental stimulations, noises, etc.?

My female was started with lots of environmental distractions at a young age. she was accustomed to just about everything. My male was not, because I just didn't know any better when I got him, but because he went to work with me every day at the vet clinic, he was acclimated to a lot more than he would have been otherwise. When we have puppies, I have elaborate plans for puppy testing and conditioning. I was just wondering what everyone else does.

Here they are climbing the rocks when Bane was 11 weeks old. These particular rock walls are very high, and though they both scale them like mountain goats now, I didn't let her go very far at that age. They're so slippery from algae that I hurt myself every time I try to climb 'em. :oops:

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