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Those pictures are incredible!

I'm a professional human birthing assistant -- and I never stop being amazd at the miracle of birth!

BTW, for anyone who cares, humans are the only mammals who treat the birth process as painful/something to avoid. While you're thinking "ouch" mama doggie was NOT. It isn't that she doesn't feel pain, but she's not in as much as we human mothers have convinced ourselves we're in! It has to do with the pscychology of birth and the blocking of certain endorphins that mask the effecs of uterine contractions...look at the picture of her staring at the puppy as it emerges: her ears are perked and she does NOT look stressed!

Anywho I'm sitting here crying. You'd think after having three children of my own and witnessing gthe births of over 20 others I'd stop crying, but it ain't so! And I want a puppy! My guy's 12 months old and all grown up and doing stuff for himself and using the bathroom outside nad sleeping through the night...
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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