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While travelling, my dog(s) primarily ride...

  • Loose

    Votes: 13 17.6%
  • Seatbelted

    Votes: 2 2.7%
  • Behind a dog guard

    Votes: 1 1.4%
  • In wire crate(s)

    Votes: 10 13.5%
  • In plastic crate(s)

    Votes: 27 36.5%
  • In a variety of crate types

    Votes: 8 10.8%
  • In a dog box (please describe)

    Votes: 9 12.2%
  • Other (please describe)

    Votes: 4 5.4%

Preference for transporting dogs

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I'll likely be adding a third dog in a year or so, and with my current vehicle being a small hatchback and 153000+ miles, I'll be upgrading the car and hopefully my general ability to transport the critters to various classes and events.

I'm curious to hear what you all prefer when it comes to transport options and why, hence the poll. :)
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I voted loose because it's my only option. I prefer to have them crated, but my car isn't big enough for a large crate at all.
I have to admit that most of the time, my dogs ride loose in the car. I have three dogs and a wagon that doesn't have enough room for three crates. Malinois rides in the front, old labx in the middle and the DS in the back.

For training, I'm required to have all my dogs in crates. I have tried all kinds of configurations with the crates I own and while this is not ideal, its the best I've figured out. I use two folding wire crates and a plastic one. I set up one wire crate and the plastic crate in the back and the mal rides shotgun until I get to the club. Then I shift the plastic crate and set up the other wire crate so it hangs out the tailgate. Getting a new vehicle is not in my budget, though one big enough to fit three crates would be really, really nice.
I really prefer to have my dogs contained. If I am in a wreck I don't want them flying into the back of my head or winding up being loose and disoriented on the road. I currently have one welded aluminum dog box and will be adding another by the end of the year......

However, when it is really really hot, my dogs will have to ride in the back seat and I am looking at buying a good seatbelt for them.
A large welded aluminum truck box converted into a dog box.

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Never loose, I pretty much always use crates. Also I tie down the crate in the back of my SUV.
double aluminum dogcrate....

I refuse to take a dog in the car unleashed since it turns into an unguided missile as soon as you have to hit the breaks for whatever matter how good the dog might be in its behaviour it will hurt itself all kinds of horrible when its not properly retained.

Also the carseatthings for a dog ? have no trust in them, again they can do large amounts of damage to your dog when having to hit the breaks, think of broken ribs, chestbones, neckinjuries etc etc etc....

No matter how small the car there is always an option for a transporting box available, if not for sale then to be made by yourself...and it doesnt even have to be expensive...

Now you might say " im a good and carefull and safe driver" its not you that you should worry about tho, its tho other ignorant fktard that hits you thats the problem most of the time ;)

just my $1.50
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I really liked Martine's set up, and am looking into getting a cargo van and doing something like that.

I have plastic crates now, but with the heat down here in Texas, I want something where the air can move more. I have little plastic fans that help, but with Buko's sensitivity to the heat, I am seriously looking for a van, and after that, I will build some kennels in there. I have too many dogs for the explorer. It looks like it would carry more, but it LIES.

I really liked Martine's set up, and am looking into getting a cargo van and doing something like that.

It's for 5 dogs. 3 kennels in the back and 1 on each side door.

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this set up works well when I add the 8 dog trailer behind it. That gives me the ability to move 24 dogs in a safe manner.


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That setup Martine has is nice. 8)

I have 3 dog box that sits in the bed of my truck. It has a storage bin and a 10 gallon water tank that sit on top.


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Never loose, always contained do to many reasons already mentioned, but also don't want my interior re arrange. I guess plastic crates are all good for younger dogs and pups but defently prefer custom aluminum crates or trailers for the older seasoned dogs.

I have my one female that makes chump change out of plastic petsmart crate doors. If I have to contain her in one then I'm forced to sit out the back of the vehicle to contain her from getting completely ballistic. With the aluminum scenarios she can't get out and I can actually be social and walk around. JMO
My two currently ride crated - one in a wire crate in the cargo area and the other in either a plastic or mesh crate on the back seat. When I get a new vehicle I'm really leaning toward a custom dogbox for the cargo area.

Since there appear to be a few of you who use such contraptions, I think I'll start another thread for suggestions and input on that.

Keep the comments coming - I especially love seeing some of the custom set ups you have! :)
Most of the time Blue rides in a metal wall crate (like from a vet's office, he eats all other crates), Teeny rides in plastic.

I would LOVE to have them both ride in metal dog boxes, just can't afford it. One day, one day . . .

Martine, your set up is really nice!
No option for motorcycle side car?

But I had been wanting to make some type of cable tie out that I could use in the back of the pickup and he wouldnt be able to jump out, for short trips like to the school, park, etc. But went to petco last night and they sold a nice one for $30-$40 that was on sale for $7
My dogs have to ride loose. There is no way I'd be able to fit even one crate in my Jeep Wrangler, lol. When my GSD was young, I used a seatbelt to teach him that he has to stay in his seat, but most of the time now he just rides loose.

Martine, that is awesome.
I have a single and a double box, side by side from WT Metall , I am very happy with them.
I also have one of their four birth trailers,which again I really like.

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I chose a variety since there was no aluminum crate choice.

Just bought an older cargo van from the state auction that is in great condition and only has 60k on it for a couple thousand bucks. Making a couple modifications to it, but I can transport 6 dogs and 3 people comfortably.
The double aluminum dog box is on the bottom in the back, 2 500 crates on top of that and then two 400's inside on the sides.

It's awesome.

Of course when I travel with just one or two dogs I will probably just use the Yukon and 500 crates.
My dogs have to ride loose. There is no way I'd be able to fit even one crate in my Jeep Wrangler, lol. When my GSD was young, I used a seatbelt to teach him that he has to stay in his seat, but most of the time now he just rides loose.

Martine, that is awesome.
That's exactly my problem. I have little to no cargo space at all. However, I'm planning on buying a Suburban or Tahoe (I need 3rd row seating at this point with the kids and wanted an SUV) so hopefully I'll be able to crate them in the near future for trips.
My female rides well, the male jumped out my window in traffic - freaking moron.
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