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The thing is that in court, a case can be made (and has been made) against someone who "wilfully allowed an unstable or vicious dog, blah blah, blah..." based on the fact that the person was "worried enough" about and "sufficiently aware" of the dog's "viciousness" to post a sign

in australia if your dog has undergone any personal protection training / schutzhund training you are ment to notify your local council to have your dog declared a "dangerous dog"

one of the requirements of keeping a dangerous dog on your property is to have warning signs stating you have a dangerous dog,

so in the courts eyes even if you have not told the council your dog has commenced any type of bite training but you post signs to the effect your dog will bite, you have pre knowledge of owning a dangerous dog, so any sign that states your dog may bite or even of an aggressive looking dog will get you in serious trouble if someone does get bitten,

i have public liability insurance covering my pooches that also covers them for emergency vet care

(hope that makes sense i have just completed a 12 hour shift lol )
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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