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David Frost said:
I'm certain I've mentioned this before, but I have 42 dogs currently working. Over half of those are from rescues, shelters, dog pounds or from owners that bought cute puppies that somehow grew into full sized dogs. It's been my experience there are many dogs in shelters that make great single purpose detection dogs, ie drug, explosives, cadaver etc, it is extremely rare you would find one that makes a good patrol dog. There is an organization in Texas, around the Dallas/FT. Worth area called: Gifted Animal Placement Program (GAP) GAP was started by an ex law enforcement officer that recognized the number of animals that could be used in some service, such as law enforcement or SAR. They train shelter and dog pound employees how to evaluate a dog, looking for those specific behaviors that would be consistent with that type of training. I've recieved 5 dogs from them, 4 are in my current drug detection class. One is being trained in Search and Rescue for FEMA. They are a 501 3C Non profit organization. Although they did offer the dogs to us free of charge, I insisted on paying an adoption fee. I think it is a very worthwhile endeavor.

I am so absolutely THRILLED to hear this! You all know I dabble in GSD rescue and it always kills me that so many dogs with lots of potential are dumped by their humans :(. I do have one rescued GSD here and thanks to HD and lack of drive she'll never do any sort of work, but she has such sound nerves and such a sweet temperment! Last night my husband was drilling a hole in our subfloor to rewire my dishwasher plug and he did it from the basement up. When he started drilling, Andi ran to the spot he was drilling and barked at whatever was coming through HER floor! I had to pull her away so she wouldn't get hurt and then she stood there intently waiting. She didn't show any fear! (Achilles was laying in the living room through all of that -- he's learned that when we start pulling out drills and saws he needs to steer clear LOL).

At any rate: there are some very nice dogs in sheters, pounds, and rescues...
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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