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This is my dad's Rott Barron. He is a big boy![/img]
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Wow, he is a big boy! Nice looking dog though!
Steve keeps trying to talk my dad into training him! I love that dog
Okay let me try this again....somewhere out there is what I posted but never showed up here.

Kim, where are the pictures of Braxton and Envy??????Come on give em' up. I've already seen the video of Steve, holding a pink lead, doing a Vehicle Search (Narc) with envy (sorry, just had to razz Steve :roll: :wink: ).
You haven't seen envy in her bling collar then! She has a pink collar with lil diamonds on it! lol


Pregnant me working envy! lol

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Wow she definitely has a big ol' gord just like her father Spanky. I think they both get that from Spanky's sire - Utamorou des Deux Pottios.
wow--a rott that's not FAT!!! amazing!! the only other rotts i've seen in recent memory that weren't fat are our TD's :( pretty mal too (for a mal :wink: )...
thanx lace foe the pink lead thing im making a new vid of brax ill get it up soon. and her dads rott is like 150 pounds nice drive im tryin to talk them into lettin me work him
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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