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Pics of my knuckleheads

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I've been letting them start playing together the last few days to build their relationship, it's so cute, when I say sit both dogs sit simultaneously lol.

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Nice pics Mike, lyka has the same coloring as Konnie with a "K"s dog stash, who i made do a flip and land on his side by mistake, he's a dutchie also
Stop feeling guilty! He's fine! Next training we'll just make you do flips :D
Both of their coats look gorgeous in the sunlight. Nice and glossy! Almost makes me want to get a snarky little tiger striped dog of my own...almost! 8)
Lÿcka looks a lot like Marouck from Inge :lol: Nice pics of both of them.
Very nice Mike!
Cool pictures! I like your Dutch Shepherd.
What is that green stuff everywhere? :mrgreen:
:eek: omg now I can see how long I have been off this forum for :eek:
Where did the pup go Mike :?: :eek:

Gee Lÿcka has grown pffffffffff. Fantastic looking dogs both of them :wink:
Very cute pics! She's growing like a weed! At least she's better grown into those ears than Carbon is with his!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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