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Pics of my First boy Simba

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I love all the pictures posted and felt it was only fair to share mine. This is my boy Simba. He is my first GSD and pretty much the first dog I have every trained. We have a Yorkie but my wife trained her. I hope to title Simba with Sch3 but I must title myself before I can title him. Enjoy the pictures.

Simba being introduced to his new home June 05

Simba and my yorkie playing and I think we know who is boss.

Chillin in the garage

Lets work on my prey drive

Simba's first attempt at bitework

I must focus and Simba must too.

Now lets play

Lets wrestle and chill w/ daddy

Here is some pictures of a awesome dog name Lorenz who has some great bitework. He is just awesome to watch work on the field. He is owned by the guy I bought my dog from and is currently getting all his titles.

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I re-opened the one with the yorkie and that little dog looks VERY vicious! :eek: :lol: How old is Simba in the pictures?
age of my Dog

Simba and yorkie playing = 6 months
Chillin in garage = 6 months
Lets work my prey drive = 6 months
Simba's first attempt at bitework = 6 months
I must focus and Simba must = 8 months
Now lets play = 8 months
Lets wrestle and chill w/ daddy = 11 months

I have some updated pictures but need to get them off the camera. Simba is current 14 months and is maturing fast and his drives are very nice.
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