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On adopting a dog

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So, over a year ago I adopted ['rescued' seems too over the top] an 11 month old GSD - even got the pinks. Anyway, the lady who gave the dog to the rescue organization mentioned to the rescue director she'd like to know how the dog was doing in her new surroundings.

After about four weeks, I contacted the lady and sent her some photos of the dogs interacting [the rescue and the two GSDs I already had]. Subsequently I invited her to visit, which she did.

Yesterday she visited for the fourth time since the adoption. She brought her remaining GSD [she had two, could only care for one - for a lot of very good reasons - and reached the emotionally draining decision to give up the younger dog to the rescue organization].

My rescue went absolutely nuts when she saw her. Anyone thinks that a dog does not remember is not informed. It was a wonderful thing to see, the exuberance and recognition and joy the dog exhibited.

I took the rescue and my male, and the lady took her female, and we walked about 4 miles along the Old Erie Canal. A great time for a walk and talk, and the dogs got on great.

Over dinner we chatted and compared dog notes.

Not a lot of moral to the story. The lady had to make a hard decision. She visits and is able to see 'her' dog is well cared for. And, I hope, she is more at peace with her decision. And we ended up with two new friends.
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Michael that is a great story. There is a moral to the story! Not everyone is out to just "dump" dogs and some have very good reasons why they feel they must rehome a dog. I ran a rescue for years before becoming more involved in just GSD's and I met my share of "dumpers" but also people who brought tears to my eyes because they had to give up their very loved pet.
It's great you let her visit so she could feel better about herself and the whole situation. :D

Lucky woman, lucky dog, and lucky Mike. 8)

One of my crew here is a recent rescue, and the woman who fostered him through the seizure, eval, neuter, etc., comes by to visit. The first time he was thrilled to see her and waited at the door for a long time after she left. The second time he was thrilled to see her and said "Bye!" pretty casually and happily when she left.

That's the goal: thrilled to see her, and no anxiety when she leaves. :D
That is great! Dogs DO remember, even when they left as pups. I sold a Dobe pup to a woman who was an over the road trucker. Two years later, I ran into her and found she had moved back to town and only lived a short distance from me. She asked if I wanted to come over and see him. She said, "don't expect him to be very friendly, he is very protective of me". I walked in and sat down on the couch. Dog was looking me over when I said, "Puppy-puppy-puppy" in the way I used to call the whole bunch for dinner or to go outside. He cocked his head one way, then the other, raced out of the room to go get his tug toy, ran back and put it in my lap, ready to play! He definitely remembered his first "mommy"! And he left me at 9-10 weeks of age!
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